Making a difference 1km at a time – Leadership for Poverty. Part 1

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From holes to hills, Dave Ruse and his team are about to run 100km for the OXFAM Trailwalker Foundation through bush terrain. AWJ are extremely proud of Dave’s external commitment which has seen him training for the event for over 6 months and we believe he will finish in great time.

We sat down with Dave to ask him a few questions about the foundation and his motivation to want to complete this grueling course.


1. We heard about you participating in the OXFAM Run, tell us about It and why are you doing it?

Basically our team would like to run 100 km in any given weather on the day and across some rough terrain. We must work together to complete the distance within our personal best time. It’s a true test of teamwork and determination and for those that make it the sense of achievement is immense.

This is not just a physical challenge though, we are raising money to overcome poverty and injustice around the world and at the same time acting as an ambassador for Oxfam’s work.

2. What’s involved in the run, and what’s the goal?

The run itself is from Brooklyn to Balgowlah over a distance of 100km. Two of the members of the team, have done it previously so the team goal is to finish close to the 17 hr approximated finish time like they have done before, but for me the goal is to finish running the full 100km. The team motto is start as 4 finish as 4.

3. AWJ are sponsoring the run, who else is getting on board and how are they contributing?

Family & friends have contributed with monetary donations. Also some of AWJs main subbies are contributing money wise which is a great thing to have so much support and raise funds for Oxfam. Some others are giving advice to me regarding training and preparation…and some are telling me I’m crazy!

4. How is the preparation leading into the event?

Over the past two months, I have progressed from running a few kilometres which was really difficult, to now being able to do 30 kilometres in one hit. I hope to be able to improve and increase the distance each week. My team mates are very helpful and patient, assisting me with pacing in our training runs, different and effective running techniques and overall race advice. I know they can do it but are good enough to stay with me even though I am at sometimes slower than what they would like.


Dave, we wish you and your team the best of luck in completing the course and hopefully raise awareness for OXFAM as it is a great foundation. We would love to supply you a grader to clear your way but I think your calves will be more than enough.

If anyone would like to support and donate to the cause, please visit this link – there are only 2 DAYS LEFT.

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